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Healthcare Industry

With more than 10 years of experience and
know-how in the healthcare industry, we assist
our clients get a clear picture of the healthcare
professional’s perspective, unmet needs, and
Korean healthcare system with our panels of
diverse profiles.

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Consumer Insights

Our services cover consumer sectors in full
methodologies to understand concepts, opinions,
and experiences that will help clients discover
emerging trends and pinpoint marketing and
product improvement possibilities that serve the
unique needs of the global audiences.

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Glocal Insights

With our reliable partners worldwide,
we provide global market insights in
various sectors for local and international

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Our Market Research Solutions

Healthcare Pharmaceutical Insight

  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research and Analysis
  • Online Survey
  • Desk Research
  • Healthcare Professional Panels

Consumer Experience

  • Focus Group
  • In-depth Interview
  • Online Forum
  • Ethnography
  • HUT
  • CLT
  • Online Survey

Glocal Insight

    Market Coverage:
  • East Asia: South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan
  • South Asia: India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand

Efficiency in Market Research

MYRR Research Global was founded in 2009 by senior research consultants
with research careers at major global companies.
We provide research services for international clients and discover areas of market opportunity
with our extensive research experience in various industries.
Our vision is to work together and combine our knowledge and experience
to achieve the best and the most effective market research in Korea.